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Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Released! |

Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Released!



Preview a few of my patches below:

Pro 2 at a Glance

Once again I had the pleasure of patch programing for one of Dave Smith Instruments’ latest creations. They call it the Pro 2. I think the original Sequential Circuits Pro 1 is great, but as you might guess, the Pro 2 is that, and so much more. Besides having similar names, they are really nothing alike. At first glance, with it’s design and color scheme, you might think its’s a mini Prophet 12.

The Pro 2 is a 4 OSC mono-synth. It’s based on the sound architecture of the Prophet 12, but with an awesome new dual filter design, 32 step sequencer, external input, 4 CV In and Out and 1 gate (CV Outs run at audio rates). I don’t want to get to far into the description. This is just intended as a quick glance at their new synth.

I had it for a little less than a week and spent only one solid day really diving in, so I’m not exactly an authority on all of it’s features. I’ll leave that for DSI to share with you on their site. I will say that it sucked me in from the get go and I programmed 41 patches in one day, starting at around noon and ending around 3:30am! I did take a beer break here and there, but it was an honest day of solid synth programming. I like to joke that DSI’s synth make you work for it. When I say this, I mean there are so many options and their sound is very pure and doesn’t rely on over-blown FX to wow you out of the gate. If you’re a good programmer and aren’t afraid to dive into the elaborate Mod Matrix, then you’ll do just fine and probably won’t get much sleep once you turn it on:)

Don’t get me wrong, traditional sounds are easily achieved by entry level synth heads, but found this synth actually excels in untraditional, outside the box methods. When I program, I like to avoid getting stuck in the “classic synth” palette. There are no shortage of those sounds out there and if you know a little bit about synths, you can get all those on your own. I like to push the limits and often by happy accidents, get some incredible sounds. One I’m particularly proud of (listen to the example) was created using the Pro 2’s sequencer on a paraphonic patch. Yes the Pro 2 is monophonic, but as a cool feature DSI decided to give it paraphonic capability. Not to get to far off track, for those unfamiliar with it, paraphonic allows you to play all the OSCs polyphonically, but you have to share the filter and amp envelopes amongst all four voices. In short, you can play chords and it’s best if every OSC is set the same. Otherwise every note would sound different. You could spend a day in itself creating interesting poly patches and in the case of my favorite patch (Glass Arp, first sound in my demo) you can achieve a wave sequencing effect if ever OSC is set to a different waveform.

The filter section is unlike any other DSI synth that I know of. It has two filters that can be run in a sweepable serial to parallel configuration. (a quick note, the OSCs can be split: 1&2 to filter 1, 3&4 to filter 2). Filter 1 is a 4 Pole LowPass. Filter 2 is a 2 Pole Multi Mode Filter with a selectable bandpass mode. Set at noon, you get “Notch”. Each filter have a dedicated ADSR envelope. As does the AMP/VCA section. There are two aux envelopes as well. What else? Well, 4 LFOs and a ton of MOD options and slots in the Matrix.

I probably spent the least time with the sequencer. It can easily handle the classic “Bassline” sound.. You can add multiple tracks for automating parameters. I believe its 16 tracks for 16 steps, and 8 tracks for 32 steps. Don’t quote me on that:) It also sports a classic Arpeggiator.

A few more features are the Analog Distortion Circuit, the Character Section, similar to Prophet 12, and 4 Delays (one is a digital bucket brigade that sounds very analog!)

Like all Dave’s synths, I’m sure it will be a hit. I don’t know what it will cost yet, but if you have to ask…

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