Latest Video: Kindred Sizzle Reel

Kindred is a Northern California Bay Area creative marketing agency. This their latest sizzle reel. The music is my collaboration with Los Angeles composer Rama Kolesnikow.

Now Featuring the New Streetly M4000!

Classic Mellotron sound with a new, modern mechanical design:  Cycling tape system, 8 stations-24 Classic Mellotron and Chamberlain tape Instruments. Positively pressurized cabinet, azimuth alignable tape heads, Cycling optical failsafe. Check out Native Instruments video below, to hear it:

Artist Ean Golden and I collaborated on a remix of Maceoplex’s “Stay High Baby” for Native Instruments’ TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 Mixer video. The great Spaghetti-Western style trombone in the intro, is from my Streetly M-4000 Mellotronics machine. It has so much character, creating a great vibe when mixed in with the electronic Deep House sound.